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The Best Places to Eat in Nashville

Nashville is one of the cities with a unique cultural perspective. Southern cooking has a firm grip on the dishes in the city, but there are also some French, Spanish, Latin American, and Japanese influences. If you are visiting the city, the following are some of the best places to eat. Information can be found here.

Arnold’s Country Kitchen

Arnold’s Country Kitchen has been serving a rotating menu of classic Southern dishes for over three decades. The most popular dishes include candied yams, green beans, meatloaf, and dumplings. You can also grab a chocolate chess pie dessert when ordering at the counter to tie up your meal. See here for information about Top Amusement Parks in Nashville.

Hattie B’s

Many places offer hot chicken in Nashville, but Hattie B’s is the best spot. The restaurant has a simple menu, where you can order a two, three, or four-piece chicken meal with some sides. The restaurant attracts a crowd, but it’s always worth every dime.


Monell’s gives you the perfect taste for Southern cooking. You can interact with strangers as you share a family-style meal of cheese grits, fried chicken, cornbread, green beans, biscuits, and more. It is the best place to meet and make new friends in Nashville.

Nashville offers a wide range of exciting dining options. You can check out several options for an exciting experience.

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