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The Best Events in Nashville

Nashville is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The city has fun year-round, with each week guaranteed to have a cool and unique festival. From music to arts and crafts, there's always an event for you and your family or friends to enjoy. Learn more here.

The events include the following:

Nashville Auto Fest

Nashville kicks off the year with a rocking auto festival that's sure to get your year started on the right note. The Nashville Auto Fest is a combination car show and swap meet event. It allows you to touch and experience the latest models and beautiful cars. Learn more about Historical Points of Interest in Nashville, TN.

Tennessee Tiny House Festival

Tennessee Tiny House Festival takes place from June 18 to 19. The two-day event showcases different types of Tennessee tiny houses. It includes workshops, music, children's activities, and presentations from pioneers in the tiny house industry. You can purchase your ticket online or upon entry.

Nashville Pride Festival

Nashville Pride Festival is a two-day event that celebrates the Nashville LGBTQIA community. Sit in the largest LGBTQIA event in Tennessee as it allows all members of the community to come together for a jam-packed weekend. It includes a vendor market, installation art, food truck, and performances from different artists.

Nashville is one of the cities that host different events throughout the year. It lets you kick off your year on a high note and finish it well.

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