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Is Weed Legal in Tennessee?

Several politicians have pushed the state's legislature to adopt legislation that would allow professionals to safely explore the effects of cannabis without being charged with possession. However, there is a lot to say on the subject, and this article explores several relevant points.

 Can You Use Medical Marijuana in Tennessee?

Can You Use Medical Marijuana in Tennessee?

Despite all the efforts in 2020, medical marijuana is still illegal according to Tennessee law. State laws forbid people to use medical cannabis unless the products possess cannabidiol containing less than 0.9% of THC.

At the same time, current laws only permit medical use of cannabis in Tennessee if the treatment is in CBD oil form.

Marijuana use in Tennessee has been very controversial over the past few years because different anesthesiologists such as Sen. Steve Dickerson and Rep. Brian Terry have tried to support the study of cannabis as a controlled substance, especially for medical purposes.

However, Dickerson's last attempts died in 2018 when he noticed the proposed legislation didn't have enough support.

Recent studies show that federal and state laws supporting marijuana legalization are immensely popular. Over two halves of the US agree with them. Nonetheless, some states, such as Tennessee, have yet to approve the legal sale of the drug.

Tennessee is still part of the handful of states yet to decriminalize marijuana. Furthermore, studies found results that explain the reason for it. Although the drug has gained public support in the state, politicians are not fond of making it legal, even for requiring patients.

Marijuana Laws Are Changing in Tennessee

The office of the District Attorney in Nashville announced groundbreaking marijuana laws in 2020, stating that no one can be prosecuted if they possess less than half-ounce of marijuana. Therefore, that allows other jurisdictions to follow along.

Furthermore, the new law doesn't mean possession of marijuana is legal. On the contrary, cultivation of the drug is not permitted nor authorized, and it could lead to incarceration if the authorities catch the person.

Nowadays, the Tennessee governor has supported lesser penalties for possession, especially when discussing medical cannabis. However, marijuana still cannot be obtained legally, even if someone has Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsy, intractable seizures, Sickle Cell Disease, Glaucoma, or ALS.

Doctors want to update the general knowledge and information regarding medical cannabis. It is a start if someone is looking at the greater picture. The primary issue politicians have relates to recreational use (even if it is adult-use), which is why the public needs more studies to understand the drug better.

Several professionals agree with the ingestion of medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for many illnesses, such as cancer or intractable seizures, since patients might see an improvement in their severe conditions if they ingest it.

It is still not allowed to possess CBD oil with complete liberty, and qualifying conditions apply if someone wants to ingest small amounts of the drug with supervision from a physician, and without worrying about possible jail time. If the person is diagnosed with any of the aforementioned conditions, they might have proof enough to be able to ingest Tennessee cannabis.

Is Tennessee Going to Legalize Weed?

Tennessee's federal government has struggled with the legalization of marijuana for the last few years considering that no bill legalized has passed the second committee.

Even though falsification of drug tests is still considered a misdemeanor and is punishable by the law, legal aspects surrounding cannabis have greatly changed in 2021. Contrary to the wants of earlier opposition, the medical cannabis bill passed the Senate Committee, which has allowed the drug to be studied, in accordance with what was stated by the court and the Governor.

The bill does not sound like much to report, and the legalization of THC still has a long way to go before all politicians treat it with respect. Thus, the future of drugs is not clear, but what is very obvious is that Tennessee is one of the 14 states still on board with punishing individuals who ingest cannabis.

If someone has CBD oil or ingests marijuana in Tennessee and the authorities catch them, they might be charged with a misdemeanor if it's their first offense. Therefore, the drug is still pretty much illegal and its possession (unless they make sure they have small amounts) is considered a felony.

What Happens If Someone Wants to Use Medical Cannabis in Tennessee?

What Happens If Someone Wants to Use Medical Cannabis in Tennessee?

Governor Bill Haslam approved the usage of medical marijuana in Tennessee for specific circumstances, for example, certain types of epilepsy, where CBD oil might be used as a valid treatment.

Even so, if someone is considering using CBD oil for medical purposes they should keep in mind that while the measure advocates for a limited number of cases, not everyone can obtain the needed permission to ingest the drug. On the contrary, usage of marijuana is only permitted when certain people constitute the exception for the rule (for example, patients with very specific symptoms).

Unfortunately, the bill mentioned does not have any provisions for legal sale, which means that patients must acquire cannabis outside of Tennessee, lest they face being charged with a misdemeanor. If authorities catch the possessor, they have to examine their intent as well as how much marijuana they possessed, and they might charge them depending on both factors.

The law has changed in recent years, and more politicians are against marijuana being illegal, especially after all studies being done regarding people with different diagnoses. However, the legalization of THC has not occurred yet in Tennessee, and lawmakers still need a lot of accurate information on the subject to ensure the established measures are fair and logical.


Using medical cannabis is recommended by many doctors, but CBD is still not legal in Tennessee, which makes it a big problem if you want to try the effect it has. Licensed professionals have supported its usage, but no ballot has been successful in legalizing cannabis, even though the public and several politicians have signed the petition for it.

The future is unclear regarding marijuana legalization in Tennessee, but data suggests that more studies are needed to determine its effects on different diseases, which might explain whether or not it should be legal.

To get more information regarding Tennessee's laws, such as the liquor law, or if you are looking for a good injury lawyer, contact The Keating Firm in Nashville.

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