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Signs You Have a Strong Injury Claim

It is not always immediately apparent that as an accident victim you have the grounds for an injury claim. Most injury claims are filed based on negligence. You might have a strong injury claim if you can prove the following: Learn information about Gahanna, OH here.

The Defendant Owed You a Duty of Care

To prevail in an injury claim, you must show that the defendant owed you a duty of care. The duty of care must have been established between you and the defendant. Click here to read about Hiring an Injury Lawyer Questions To Ask.

The Defendant Breached the Duty of Care

Were you involved in a truck accident involving a driver who was distracted, drowsy, or drunk? Did you slip and fall on a spill that a grocery store owner failed to mop up? These are some of the instances that can be considered as a breach of the duty of care. This is failure to act on a level of care that a person of conventional prudence would under similar circumstances.

You Suffered Injuries or Incurred Damages due to a Direct Result of the Breach

If you did not suffer damages like injuries or loss, you would not have the grounds for an injury claim. You have to prove that your damages resulted from the negligence of the defendant.


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