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Historical Points of Interest in Nashville, TN

Are you a history enthusiast? If so, you can learn about Nashville’s past at museums, recording studios, and historic homes located within the city. The following historical points of interest will keep you inspired and educated. More can be found here.

Belle Meade Plantation

Belle Meade Plantation has been in existence since 1807 when it started with a single log cabin. It has significantly evolved and features a Mansion and the original homestead. It also features a winery and visitor’s center. You can have a trained and customed guide educate you about the Old South’s history. Learn more about Shopping Centers in Nashville.

Tennessee State Capital

Tennessee State Capital was designed by William Strickland and is one of the capitol building in the United States without a dome. It sits on the hilltop site once occupied by the Holy Rosary Cathedral. This was the first Roman Catholic cathedral in Nashville.

Belmont Mansion

Belmont Mansion is an Italian Villa-style built in 1853. It is located at Belmont University and offers personalized tours. You can get a glimpse of 19th-century architecture, explore the 36 rooms, and learn about the life of the original builder.

Nashville has multiple historical points of interest to feed your curious mind. It’s essential to do your research to know the best time to visit these places for a memorable experience.

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