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Green Hill, Tennessee, is an Ideal Residential Place

Green Hill, TN is a Friendly Place to Live

When choosing a city that’s good for your life situation, personality, and preferences, there are many factors you must consider. For instance, you must consider the cost of living, climate, population, makeup, job opportunities, things to do, and community. In this case, picking Green Hill will be one of the most thoughtful decisions you could make. It is a suburb of Nashville in Wilson County and is ranked among the best places to reside in the region.

Green Hill has a population of about 7308 and offers residents a rural feel, with most people owning their homes. Most residents are also conservative. Learn more here.

Job Opportunities

Green Hill is a city with multiple job opportunities to accommodate everyone. The unemployment rate here is at 4.0%, lower than the US average of 6.0%. The city has noted a significant job market increase over the last few years, with future job growth predicted to be 52.9%. This is higher than the US average of 33.5%. Furthermore, the average income of a resident in the city is around $30,421, higher than the country’s average of $28,555 a year. The average household income of a Green Hill resident is also higher than the US average. Learn more about Rural Hill, Tennessee, is an Ideal Vacation Destination.


Green Hill, Tennessee, is one of the safest places to live. The city has minimal air pollution, meaning it has good air quality almost throughout the year. Natural disasters like earthquakes and wildfires are quite unlikely. However, severe storms and tornados are possible, but the city has taken all the necessary measures to guarantee safety to the residents.

Sense of Community

A city’s population determines how neighborly it is. In this case, Green Hill has a sense of community, with the largest percentage of owner-occupied homes and an average household size of 2.6 members. In addition, most residents are friendly and helpful, making Green Hill one of the best places to live and even raise a family.

Recreational Activities

Green Hill, TN, has something for everyone, whether you live with your kids or just you and your spouse. The city has a park with playgrounds that provide recreational facilities for little ones and adults. There are picnic areas where families can enjoy a lovely afternoon and trails for a weekend walk with kids. Besides, if you work full-time, Green Hill offers proximity to good daycare facilities. Here, children get the best care from caregivers while enjoying different fun activities.


Green Hill, TN, is suitable for residents who work from home or in their offices. There are many wireless internet providers with speeds of about 42 Mbps, while wired internet connections are about 180 Mbps. The road network is high, and the traffic on highways and roads is lower than in most cities in the US. That means residents can go about their daily commute hassle-free. Besides, the city is near an airport and coastline.

With a good neighborhood, low crime rates, accessible amenities, and good infrastructure, Green Hill, TN, is an ideal residential place.

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