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Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Getting bitten by a dog is not pleasant. It comes with a lot of pain and the risk of getting an infection. While rare, dog bites can even be fatal. Most people may not realize that dog behaviors are a result of the care rendered to them and their training. However, this doesn't mean that the owners are always at fault for their pet's bad behavior. Obviously, some dog breeds are just more aggressive and dangerous than others. Therefore, people should take this information into account before deciding to buy a dog or bring one home. That way, they reduce their risk of dog bites and fatal dog attacks.

Breeds Most Likely to Bite

1. Pitbull

Pit bulls are, quite possibly, the most aggressive breed of dog out there. The media and press have over-reached a bit in the past years on stats, but this dog is serious and can attack at any time. Primarily, the pit bull was bred for a specific reason - to fight. Regardless of the opponent's size, the pit bull never backed down from the fight.

Pit bulls are also very stubborn in general. They're extremely powerful, and pit bull attacks are likely to deliver a crushing bite to humans of any size. The pit bull doesn't play when fighting, and an injury is quite possible. It's important to know about them and understand pit bulls before deciding to let them into a home with small children. Pit bulls are responsible for many adult and child-related deaths each year. More than half of all dog-related attacks within the United States are attributed to pit bulls. Because of these pit bull attacks, these dog breeds are banned in many countries and areas worldwide.

2. Rottweiler

Whether someone gets a dog for free or buys them, it is essential to focus on the facts. The Rottweiler is a dangerous animal, and it's easy for a person to suffer a dog bite from this breed. Typically, these breeds are powerful and can actually take down pit bulls. As far as dog breeds go, this one is obedient and devoted to its owner. These dogs can be lovable, but it is important to focus on training so as not to suffer a dog bite.

3. Cocker Spaniel

If a person gets bitten by a dog, most people don't assume the Cocker Spaniel has anything to do with it. These breeds have long ears, an expressive face, and a beautiful coat. As an American pet, these dogs are quite popular. However, such breeds have England roots dating far back into the 14th century. While these dog breeds are cute, that shouldn't fool anyone. When they are threatened, this dog can get very upset and bite or attack. Though they may not have excessively sharp teeth, they can still cause an injury that requires medical attention.

4. Tosa Inu

When choosing the right breeds for a home situation, it's important to focus on the dog bite numbers to make sure that those dogs aren't going to attack. Tosa Inu dogs are banned in many countries, such as New Zealand, the UK, and Malaysia. This doesn't happen for no reason. Since they're so large, they have claimed many lives throughout the years. Essentially, these dogs originated from Japan and were bred for fighting purposes. A dog bite from them is sure to hurt, so this might be one of the the breeds to avoid if possible. Still, breeds like this are often friendly to people as long as they are trained and cared for properly.

5. German Shepherd

Dogs like German Shepherds are gorgeous breeds. However, German Shepherds are known as the original watchdog. Therefore, they should know how to find enemies and be the number one source of protection for owners. Breeds like this account for 3.8 percent of all attacks in the US. Suffering a dog bite from these dogs is sure to hurt. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and large. If a stranger enters the territory, German Shepherds are going to start biting if provoked.

6. Bullmastiff

If a dog is wanted, the Bullmastiff could be an interesting choice. However, these dogs never show signs that they're going to attack. Typically, they're charming and well-behaved as far as dogs go, but one minute they can be giving someone attention and then growling or biting. A number of these dogs get angry on a whim, and a dog bite from them can get quite nasty and become violent fast. Typically, they have such unpredictable behavior that they're not good around kids.

7. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a jumpy, sweet, furry, and snuggly pet to have around the house. People automatically want to run their hands over the fur coat and wish to bring them home. However, this might need to be reconsidered if kids are at the house. These dogs may not be the most aggressive, but they are one that growls and bites frequently. The dog bite can be quite painful but rarely lethal. Still, minor attacks are common with these dogs and can cause a fear of animals in young kids. Adults who have been bitten also tend to shy away from them.

8. Doberman Pinscher

It's important to understand that a dog bite from a Doberman Pinscher can be with a force of 228 PSI? With that information in mind, it's easy to determine that these dogs don't play when biting is concerned. They are fiercely loyal to their owners, so people have to go through this dog before anything happens to their master. One issue here is that they can weigh about 60 pounds and come with powerful jaws. A dog bite from them can get dangerous very fast, so it's in everyone's best interest to be cautious.

American Bulldog

9. American Bulldog

The American bulldog is one animal that no one wants to cross. They can get aggressive on a whim, though they typically have calm attitudes and are easygoing most of the time. Generally, the American bulldog wants to sleep and be a couch potato. Still, if he senses danger, he is going to immediately take action. A dog bite from them can exert 300 PSI, so they can be pretty ferocious, and others should use extreme caution when dealing with them.

10. Cane Corso

Cane Corso dogs are very muscular, smart, protective, and powerful. In a sense, this is the perfect recipe for too much aggression and anger. Suffering a dog bite from one of these animals can have a dog bite force of about 700 PSI. This means severe injuries are possible. Most professionals believe that this dog has the strongest bite on the planet. Regardless, no one wants to get an arm or leg caught in the jaws of this pet. Typically, those who have been bitten count themselves lucky to still be alive.

11. Husky

A single glance at the Husky tells everyone that danger could be imminent. These dogs are there to work hard and pull sleds. Still, that doesn't mean a dog bite isn't possible if a person gets too close to them. Though they aren't top of the list for dog attacks, they are fast and can work for long periods. If they feel that their safety is compromised or that of their owner, they're going to sink their sharp teeth into whatever flesh they can find. Plus, their bite is very strong that a severe injury or death could occur. Don't mess around with this dog and stay far away from them for safety.

12. Chow-Chow

Most dog breeds are well-known for causing injury through bites. However, to look at the Chow-Chow, people often don't think about the danger or aggression they can have. Because they were bred as Chinese lap dogs, they've got an amazing personality. Still, they are very protective of their owners and can be quite standoffish to strangers. Often, they are aggressive, even if the stranger is being respectful and standing apart from the master. Though they don't usually bite without a reason, it's best to avoid them or let the owner put them up before coming onto the property.

Dog Bite Statistics

Pit bulls are the top dogs most likely to bite humans, and it is important to make sure that they are taken care of to prevent issues. According to various fatality research statistics, 69 percent of all fatalities are caused by the pit bull. Pit bull attacks can turn deadly almost immediately. Whether pit bulls are trained to kill or not, injuries are bound to happen to owners and anyone else nearby.

It's important to note that mixed breeds account for about 3.3 percent of all dog bites and fatalities, while the Husky only accounts for 3.1 percent of all dog attacks and deaths.

Rottweilers account for 11 percent of all fatalities relating to dog bites and attacks, while the German Shepherd accounts for 3.8 percent of fatalities and dog attacks.

Regardless of the animal chosen, it is possible for them to turn mean and bite. Typically, the need to own a dog means dealing with occasional biting, especially when they are young. The issue happens when the breeds continue biting the master and everyone else near to them. According to various reports, a dog attack can turn fatal in a few seconds. Facts like this show everyone that fatalities are a possibility, and injury is rampant with these top 12 dog breed options. The number of attacks each year may change, but it's important to focus on the non-aggressive and less-dangerous dog options out there. Keep learning about the injuries relating to such an attack to free the mind and realize that there are safer dog breed options for the household.

Over 4 million dog bites happen in the US each year. A single breed shouldn't be condemned as vicious, and the owner shouldn't be judged as raising a monster. However, knowing that a dog may attack based on its breed can help everyone get the information they need to determine which breed is best for them.

Dogs typically don't bite without a reason. Throughout the years, it's been said that everyone can be free of unwanted bites if they care for their pet. Still, the number of attacks that happen each year are plentiful. In fact, about 5 million people every year are bitten by a dog.

Final Thoughts

Everyone knows that the pit bull is one of the most dangerous dog breed choices out there. Pit bulls attack more than any other animal, and it has a lot to do with their breeding and previous behavior. People often get pit bulls for home protection, as this is the American way. However, pit bulls are responsible for well over half of the fatalities for dog bites each year. Even when deaths don't happen, the owner is likely to suffer an injury and may require medical attention. Someone else who gets hurt may choose to sue for damages, including the injuries, medical bill repayment, and more. An attack by a pit bull is like no other.

Since the pit bull is one of the dogs most likely to attack people, it is important to focus on what breed of dog is right for the owner and any children in the house. While pit bulls can be excellent dog breeds for protection, the human responsible for them must teach them not to attack their owners and others who may be on the property.

While pit bulls aren't the only breed out there that attacks children and anyone else, they are the worst for dog bites and deaths. There are a number of dangerous and aggressive dog breeds to watch out for. Ohio dog bite law clearly states that the owners are primarily responsible for any issues. Fatalities that occur and an injury requiring medical attention may get the owner in trouble with the law. Therefore, it is essential to take the time needed to research dog breeds and choose one that is less aggressive and dangerous to raise and nurture.

Typically, the dog breeds that aren't going to attack people as often include the Spitz, Pekingese, Great Dane, Pointer, and Dalmatian.

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