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Personal Injury

Nashville Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

Falling on someone else's property can be both uncomfortable and very dangerous, especially if there are serious consequences such as complicated injuries. However, lawyers in Nashville are prepared to help people with their cases, and the ones at The Keating Firm are experienced enough to guide them through the process, passionately defend them, and make sure they get the compensation they deserve.

Unfortunately, Tennessee is the home of many accidents, but attorneys are ready to help people and guarantee that their future is as bright as it can be.

How a Slip and Fall Accident Can Happen

Slip and fall accidents can happen in various ways. Someone can be walking to buy groceries, and when they go to the next aisle to grab the ingredients they need, they slip and fall on a water puddle that employees left unattended.

In these cases, slip and fall victims should contact a Nashville slip and fall lawyer since they are the ones with the knowledge of what to do next.

Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can make the person have a serious injury. On some occasions, they might have to cover medical bills and other expenses, and if the property owners are guilty of negligence, then the victim is on their legal right to seek compensation.

Nashville personal injury lawyers are prepared experts, especially the ones at The Keating Firm, who can guide victims through the process when they're on a slip and fall accident. We can guarantee that clients get the justice they deserve, and we can deal with the insurance company of the property owner.

Determining Liability on Slip and Fall Accidents

To determine liability on a slip and fall accident, the lawyer helps the victim through the process. Slip and fall lawyers, for example, might ask the person to retell the story of what happened in detail.

Once the attorney from the law firm gets all the information they need, they start the legal process. On some occasions, for example, the lawyer might notice that the property owner knew about the circumstances that caused the accident.

Thus, the slip and fall lawyer can help their client pursue financial compensation, as they are not at fault for someone else's negligence. If the owner knew or should have known about the circumstances causing the accident, then the slip and fall accident lawyers can hold them responsible for what happened.

A personal injury lawyer is definitely one of the best experts to go to if the victim wants legal assistance, particularly if they're dealing with serious injuries, lost wages, brain injuries, or similar issues.

Furthermore, lawyers managing personal injury cases often focus on the attorney-client relationship, especially because they understand that accident victims are in pain and going through a very difficult situation.

Free Evaluation


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How to Seek Compensation

The best way to seek compensation for slip and fall injuries is to get a free consultation and talk to experienced attorneys. Furthermore, the lawyers at The Keating Firm are available in a Nashville office and are ready to deal with any slip and fall cases and make sure that the responsible parties handle the situation the way they should.

There are specific rules, for example, for premises liability cases. If they want to prove negligence, the best option is to always talk to an expert because the details of the law can be challenging to understand for an average person.

A Tennessee slip and fall attorney is the ideal professional, especially if the victim is in Wilson county or Spring Hill. Any dangerous condition can cause someone to get injuries, and the store or property should display a reasonable duty to the injured party.

In other words, the people at the property or store must ensure that they take care of any dangerous conditions that can cause injuries. If they are aware of the fact that they have unsafe premises and do nothing to change that, then the Tennessee slip and fall lawyer can prove breach of duty.

The legal team is on their legal duty of seeking compensation for the injured person and making sure that the property manager takes responsibility for their actions. Thus, they must find legal assistance to recover compensation and manage the insurance adjusters.

What Happens to the Property Owner?

Each case is different, but the client should not have to pay for someone's negligence. On the contrary, fall attorneys always want to guarantee that the person's financial losses are minimal or inexistent.

Some of the common injuries caused in these cases are bruises, broken bones, emotional distress, similar situations. When the client is interested in their case, they will often explore different legal options.

However, the best alternative is to call a lawyer as soon as they can. They have to conduct a thorough investigation on the property and see if the client was on safe premises or not. Sometimes, someone's property is safe, but other factors cause the accident, for example, an icy sidewalk.

In other cases, the owner or operator either created defective and dangerous conditions or knew about them and did nothing. Lastly, the accident could also be the person's fault, for instance, if they weren't wearing appropriate footwear.

If it's the client's fault, the judge will probably split the fault between them and the owner. Nonetheless, in the cases where the injury is a consequence of the owner's negligence due to hazardous conditions left unchanged, they can be held responsible and the client could get full compensation.

Clients who experience these accidents need to seek immediate help. Once they do that, they should contact an attorney in the Nashville area. The experts at The Keating Firm have extensive experience handling these cases, and they are ready to help anyone in Nashville, TN.

Contacting a Lawyer Today

Going to court or filing a lawsuit can be challenging for clients, especially if they're dealing with pain or any other difficult situation as a result of the accident. Anyone interested in a free consultation can contact The Keating Firm today and schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney, who can help them manage their case and provide them with the best options.

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