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When to Call a Dog Bite Attorney Nashville, TN

Dog bite injuries can be traumatic both physically and mentally. A Nashville dog bite attorney can fight for the rights of injured victims and help them get the compensation they deserve. Hiring the best Nashville dog bite lawyer is the best way to navigate Tennessee's dog bite law and secure the best outcome.

The Keating Firm LTD is a leading authority in dog bite injury cases in Nashville, Tennessee. Dog attack victims can arrange a free consultation with an expert to discuss case details and the legal options. Here is an overview of how Nashville dog bite lawyers can assist, when to call one, and what to expect after a dog bite injury occurs.

A Few Statistics for Dog Bite Injuries

  • There are roughly 5 million dog bites in the USA every year.

  • Of the 300,000 dog attacks that require emergency medical care each year, around 82% of victims are younger than 15 years old.

  • Over 50% of dog attack fatalities happen on the dog owner's property, many of which are domestic family pets.

  • A baby is 370 times more likely to die from dog bite injuries than an adult.

  • Children account for more than half of all dog bites.

  • Postal workers and the elderly are the next most vulnerable categories.

  • The most common body parts for traumatic dog bites are the head and neck.

When Is a Dog Owner Liable?

Dog owners are held accountable for the actions of their pets under Tennessee dog bite law. It is their responsibility to keep their animal under reasonable control and take all necessary steps to avoid an incident. Premises liability law means that dog owners are potentially liable for any attack that takes place on their property if the following steps are not taken.

Warning people (neighbors, postal workers, etc.) of potentially dangerous behavior from a dog is mandatory. Beware of the dog signs, and written acknowledgment are possible steps to take as an owner. Owners must also monitor children and vulnerable people on the property. If somebody is on the premises with permission and there is a dog present, there should be constant supervision.

Keeping dogs chained or leashed whenever there is a chance of contact with the public is essential- especially if it is prone to aggression. In cases where an animal is known to be dangerous and aggressive, the owner must securely restrain it. If an attack occurs, owners must report serious dog bites to the authorities immediately. If they do not, it is certain to impact their defense.

Essentially, if a dog's owner knew there was a risk and bit not do everything within their power to prevent an incident, they could be liable for damages and expenses for the person injured. Failure to maintain reasonable control over an animal whether or not it is on the owner's property is an offense.

Exceptions Under Tennessee Dog Bite Law

Certain circumstances do not fall under Tennessee's strict liability laws surrounding dog attacks. In general, if a person's actions cause the attack in some way they may not have a claim. If, however, the actions of the dog owner cause or fail to prevent an attack, the case is valid. Here are some examples of when dog owners are not liable for damages after an attack.

  • A person threatening or attacking the dog's owner cannot claim for bog bites if the animal acts in defense. Provoking an animal until it attacks is also not a viable circumstance for a claim. Any case where it is proven that the dog acted in response to a genuine threat is not considered a valid dog bite claim.

  • When a person is attacked when trespassing on private property, they are unlikely to have a successful claim. If the defendant can prove that the victim was on their property illegally, they are likely to be liable for their own medical expenses.

  • Attacks that take place while a dog is reasonably restrained or in a cage may be considered the fault of the injured party depending on the circumstances.

  • It is not counted as a criminal attack if the attack is by a police dog or military dog when performing its duties.

When to Make a Claim

Dog bite claims should be submitted as soon as possible. The statute of limitations on animal attacks in Tennessee is one year, so it is essential to act quickly. It is also imperative that victims contact an experienced attorney right at the beginning of the case to ensure optimal legal guidance and assistance from the get-go.


Any person who has suffered injuries as a result of a dog attack that happened because of a lack of control by the owner out with the exempt circumstances can submit a claim immediately through their attorney. The sooner a case is filed, the sooner the lawyer can begin gathering evidence and fighting for an optimal outcome for the victim

Free Evaluation


Call one of our offices to review your case at no cost with our legal team and allow us to answer any questions you may have.

Possible Dog Bite Compensation

Dog bite victims are entitled to compensation. Pet owners or animal handlers are liable, in many cases, to cover all expenses resulting from the attack. That may include general medical expenses and the cost of ongoing medical treatment, lost wages and potential lost earnings, any physical therapy or rehabilitation treatment, and damages for severe scarring or disfigurement.

Pain and suffering compensation also plays a big part in a dog attack. The psychological impact an attack can have- especially on a child- is worth significant damages. A lawyer can fight for the maximum settlement based on the injuries and the lasting mental effects.

Wrongful death benefits for the family of a fatal victim are also possible. If a loved one is killed in a dog attack, there are measures in place to compensate the surviving relatives. Settlements may cover medical bills, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and criminal charges for wrongful death.

Why Call an Expert Nashville Dog Bite Attorney?

In any personal injury case, having an experienced attorney is beneficial. A dog attack is a complicated incident with many variables, so it is essential to have the best representation. The laws surrounding dog bites are complicated and rely heavily on an in-depth knowledge of the legal system, so it is not something to fight solo. Here are several reasons why hiring a dog bite injury lawyer is the only choice.

The Keating Firm Fights for Your Rights and Maximum Compensation

A dog attack is a traumatic and dangerous event. Aside from the expenses that come with emergency medical care and ongoing medical treatment, there is a significant case for emotional pain and suffering. Broken bones and other physical injuries are one thing, but fighting to obtain compensation for emotional trauma is another. Our team knows the Tennessee laws in deep detail and can use them to their full extent to reach the optimal settlement for their clients.

Our Team Collects Evidence on Your Behalf

Animal attacks can be complicated and the circumstances surrounding them are difficult to prove. Evidence is essential in a Tennessee dog bite case, but it is not always easy to secure. An experienced lawyer can access valuable evidence on the victim's behalf and help to piece it all together. The collection of medical bills, doctor's reports, and police statements is also part of the attorney's service. Assistance of this nature gives the dog bite victim a greater chance of success.

We Handle Insurance Company Negotiations and Legal Proceedings

Dog attacks and related claims can become complex under Tennessee law. Whether negotiating a settlement with the dog owners' insurance company or fighting it out in court to seek compensation, there is a lot involved in animal attack cases. The Keating Law Firm has a wealth of experience handling Tennessee dog bite injury claims and knows exactly what moves to make to secure a desirable result.

Give Us the Burden while You Focus On Recovery

Recovering from dog bite injuries takes time. Even a minor injury can leave phycological scars that last a while. It is significantly more difficult to focus on healing with the weight of a claim. A Nashville dog bite lawyer can remove that burden and take the lead on all proceedings- leaving dog bite victims to concentrate on getting better.

Contact an Expert Dog Bite Lawyer at The Keating Firm LTD Today for a Free Consultation

In short, the best time to contact a dog bite attorney is as soon as possible. The earlier we can intervene, the better equipped we are to fight for you; the best Nashville dog bite lawyers are at The Keating Firm LTD. We are here to support you in your dog bite injury claim and get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Any confidential or sensitive information is protected under the attorney-client relationship from the first free case evaluation. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, efficiency, and dedication. Let The Keating Firm LTD help your case.

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