Do you know how to jog safely on Ohio's roads?

We can't all go out for a daily trail run, unfortunately. Many people who want to stay in shape and put in those weekly miles are forced to do it on sidewalks and roads all over the state.

While it's nice to run on flat, predictable terrain, you do face some serious risks. You're running around cars. Are those drivers distracted or intoxicated? Are they watching out for you as you cross the road? Do they even think about pedestrians, or do they just watch other cars?

One mistake is all it takes. If you get hit, you could wind up in the hospital -- or worse. It is critical that you know how to stay safe as you grind out mile after mile.

Wear bright colors

The best place to start is by donning some bright colors when you run. Think about yellow, neon green, red or orange. You want something that stands out in any environment, something that instinctively catches a driver's eye. If they're quickly scanning the sidewalk before turning or backing out of a driveway, you want them to see you.

Avoid high-traffic areas

If you can, run where the traffic is a bit lighter. Keep an eye out for places where the odds of getting hit go up. For instance, if you're running on the sidewalk, you'll quickly learn that most drivers never look at the sidewalk at all before leaving a parking lot. They drive over it without stopping or park right on it to watch the cars go by. Places like stores, bars, restaurants and commuter parking lots are high-risk areas.

Don't run in the dark

It's hard sometimes. You work all day, so you feel like you can only run in the morning or the evening. While that may be true, avoid running in the dark as much as possible. You're basically invisible to those drivers when the sun goes down. If you have to run then, invest in reflective clothes or LED lights.

Don't run with traffic

Never put the traffic at your back. You can't see any hazards as they approach. Run toward the cars so that you can watch them approach and avoid any extra dangers, like a distracted driver who drifts onto the shoulder.

Assume you don't have the right-of-way

You do have the right-of-way a lot of the time, such as when you cross at an intersection with the walking symbol. But you always want to assume you don't have it. Assume drivers are going to turn without waiting for you. It's not fair, but this mindset helps you avoid injury.

If you do get hurt because of a mistake like this, though, be sure you know what legal options you have.

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