Why trucking accidents happen

Over the past decade, truck accidents on Ohio highways and throughout the nation have increased by 20 percent. The Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) was conducted to see what the root causes of these crashes were. Researchers analyzed 120,000 fatal commercial truck crashes and found that 68,000 were caused by truck driver error. These errors included drivers falling asleep or traveling too fast for road conditions.

Other common causes include following too closely or distracted driving. Accidents related to poor decisions were cited as causing 38 percent of the 68,000 crashes related to driver error. Crashes related to the performance of the driver, such as panicking or not exercising sufficient control over the truck, resulted in 9 percent of these accidents. Drivers who were medically or otherwise impaired while behind the wheel caused 12 percent ofthe accidents.

Driver distraction was responsible for 28 percent of the crashes reviewed in the study. In some cases, a distraction resulted in a truck driver failing to recognize a situation that required an action to be taken. Of the crashes analyzed in the study, roughly 75 percent involved more than one vehicle. Therefore, unsafe actions may have an impact on many lives.

Those who are hurt in commercial vehicle accidents may incur serious injuries like whiplash, broken bones or lacerations. If a truck driver was negligent in causing a crash to occur, injured victims may be entitled to compensation. In some cases, the employer of a negligent truck driver may be liable for damages such as medical bills or lost wages. An attorney could review a case and possibly help an injured victim during informal settlement talks or a formal trial.

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