Dog bites can lead to catastrophic or disfiguring injuries

Many people enjoy the company of a dog as a companion animal. Other people have dogs for security purposes, and, in some cases, dogs can even serve to help people with medical needs. However, while dogs are useful, they are also a source of risk for anyone who encounters them.

Even the best trained animal can have a momentary lapse in judgment and bite and injure a human. Dogs specifically trained to be aggressive, such as guard dogs, are an even greater risk.

Many people suffer dog bites every year in this country, and the results aren't always minor injuries. In fact, roughly 20 percent of all dog bites require medical attention. Some of them can result in permanent injuries.

Disfiguring injuries are a common result of dog bite attacks

Dogs will often bite at the closest available area in a target. Sometimes, that can mean that a person suffers bite injuries to their hands or legs. However, it is also very possible for people to wind up with bites on their faces and necks.

Facial bites are a serious risk when the dog involved is large or the victim is a child. Those bites can leave permanently disfiguring scars unless the victim receives adequate medical care and cosmetic surgery.

With children, dog bite disfigurements are particularly trying and complicated. The growing human body changes repeatedly in structure and size. One surgery will not right the wrong caused by a dog bite. Young children may require surgery every couple of years until they finish growing in order to minimize the appearance of scar tissue and maintain full facial function.

Broken bones and head injuries can also result from a dog bite

Disfigurement is not the only risk when a dog attacks. There is also reason to be concerned about serious physical injuries. Any dog bite can become infected with a range of dangerous bacteria or viruses, but some bites can pose a direct medical threat to the victim.

Bites to areas with vascular tissue, such as the throat, inner wrist and inner thigh, can result in extreme blood loss. Aggressive bites by large dogs can also result in broken bones, including compound fractures that require surgery to repair.

Sometimes, the worst injury related to a dog bite isn't the bite at all. Dogs often leap onto their pray during an attack, which can knock the victim to the ground. Head injuries and brain trauma can result from such a fall.

Regardless of the nature of the injuries suffered, if you or someone you love was bitten by a vicious dog in Ohio, you have a right to hold the owner accountable. In some cases, homeowners insurance will cover the costs of medical care. Other times, a lawsuit against the owner may be necessary to recoup the financial damages that you suffer as a result of a vicious animal.

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