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Truck driver training increases focus on safety

Ohio motorists rely on everyone driving safely, including those behind the wheel of commercial trucks. When accidents include big rigs that weigh 80,000 pounds, the damage and injuries can be severe. For this reason, truck driver training programs have made safe driving a higher priority than the past. A community college instructor with over 10 years of truck driving experience said that a typical tractor-trailer needs the length of two football fields to stop in dry road conditions. He said that truck driver training failed to focus on safety in the past.

Study shows how fewer hours of sleep raise crash risks

According to surveys from the U.S. Department of Transportation and other agencies, one in three adult drivers in Ohio and the rest of the nation sleep less than the minimum seven hours that are recommended each night. This poses a problem since drowsy driving accounts for an estimated 7 percent of all motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. and 16 percent of all fatal crashes.

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