Other drivers are often the biggest risk to motorcyclists

Whenever you choose to ride or operate a motor vehicle, you accept a certain level of risk. The potential danger increases when you're driving a motorcycle. That risk isn't because you are a bad driver. Often, the exact opposite is the truth. Other drivers can and do pose a serious risk to those who ride motorcycles for fun or for their commute during the summer. Despite efforts, like Motorcycle Awareness Month, to remind drivers to share the road, many people forget to check for motorcycles when driving on public roads and highways.

There's a popular stereotype about the worst drivers buying massive vehicles to protect themselves in case of a crash. When motorcycles collide with larger, enclosed vehicles, this often proves to be true. You were likely abiding by the rules of the road and being proactive about your own safety. The person in the massive SUV that hit you, however, could have been sending a text message or driving poorly because he or she wasn't worried about injuries as the result of a crash.

Bigger vehicles offer their passengers more protection

An SUV or truck will generally absorb the majority of the force of a collision. A motorcycle, however, is not going to offer your body very much protection. You could get thrown onto the road, experiencing both traumatic blunt force as your body hits the ground and then road rash as your momentum carries you across the pavement. You could end up tossed into traffic, where you suffer a secondary accident with another vehicle. Even if the accident was at relatively low speeds, you could face broken bones, head and brain injuries or spinal damage from a crash.

You're looking at thousands of dollars in medical bills, the total loss of your motorcycle and lost wages while you recover from your injuries. The more severe the damage, the more likely you could wind up permanently disabled as the result of a collision with another vehicle. The person in the bigger vehicle, on the other hand, probably only has minor vehicle repairs to worry about.

Sources of compensation after an injury

Because Ohio requires it, you likely carry a liability insurance policy on your motorcycle, just like the driver of the other vehicle has insurance on his or hers. Your insurance policy likely has a cap on how much medical coverage you will receive, however. In a serious crash, your lost wages and medical expenses could well exceed the total coverage offered. When that happens, you may need to explore other options for adequate compensation, including pursuing a civil lawsuit against the person driving the other vehicle.

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