You may experience delayed pain after a car accident

After any kind of car accident, your body may take time to express pain. Unfortunately, delayed pain can indicate very serious injuries, so you should not put off seeking out professional medical care.

Depending on the type of pain you feel and the area of your body where it originates, you may have several kinds of injuries. If left untreated, these could develop into very serious issues, some of which can even turn fatal.

Whatever kind of delayed pain you experience, do not wait to seek out professional medical care to ensure that any possible injuries do not worsen.

Abdominal pain is an emergency situation

While many kinds of injuries may take several days or even weeks for you to feel them, most of them are not life threatening. This is not the case with abdominal pain after a car accident.

Abdominal pain may be a sign that you suffered organ injuries and now have internal bleeding, or possibly fluid or waste leakage within your digestive system.

These injuries are very serious, and if you have abdominal pain, you should get to a medical care facility as soon as you can today.

If you do not get appropriate medical treatment immediately, the damage could worsen or spread, leading to organ failure and even death.

Other kinds of pain are still serious

While the other kinds of delayed pain injuries are probably not potentially fatal, they can lead to very serious ongoing pain and other problems.

If you struck your head in the accident, even if you don't remember that happening, you may have a mild brain injury. Even a mild brain injury can lead to prolonged headaches, nausea and possibly seizures. Furthermore, you may experience a change in your cognitive ability or personality. These symptoms can endure for up to a year unless you seek out proper treatment from a medical professional.

Other common delayed pain injuries involve the musculature in the shoulders and back, which can suffer strain or sprains that do not hurt for some time after an accident.

You may also have some damage or misalignment in your spine, especially if one or more discs in your spinal column suffer damage or shift. When discs move or expand due to damage, they often pinch nerves that run through the spinal column, which can create sharp or radiating pain throughout your body, or may produce tingling and numbness in your legs, hands, fingers and toes.

Get care now

If you have yet to seek out professional medical care, do so as soon as possible. Once you know that you are not in immediate danger, you can take some time to consider your options moving forward.

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