How an attorney helps with insurance issues after a car crash

You've been faithfully paying your motor vehicle insurance premium for years, maybe even decades. When you experience a serious accident and injuries as a result, you expect that your insurance provider will cover the injuries. It's important to remember, however, that insurance companies want to limit the financial impact of an accident by reducing their liability. This financial incentive can result in denied claims, months of delay and hassle or even ridiculously low settlement offers.

An Ohio attorney with experience in personal injury cases can help you work with the insurance company. Your attorney can review settlement offers to determine if they are too low, given the nature and extent of your injuries. Your attorney can negotiate for a better settlement or explore other options for compensation, such as a civil suit against the other driver.

You shouldn't try to deal with insurance companies on your own. It only takes a few verbal missteps to cause issues with your insurance coverage by implying you were liable for the crash.

Insurance companies don't want to pay more than they have to

One of the ways that insurance companies try to side-step their obligations to their policy holders is through recorded statements and questioning by an insurance adjuster. Your insurance company might have an expert contact you to walk through what happened at the accident. Just because law enforcement noted that the other party was responsible doesn't absolve you of any potential liability in the crash. An insurance adjuster will try to get you to say something that implies you are partially responsible for the collision, which could reduce or even eliminate financial obligations for the insurance company.

Your best choice is to speak with an experienced Ohio personal injury attorney before discussing the situation with your insurance provider. Your attorney can guide you through the conversation with the adjuster and help ensure that saying things the wrong way won't result in a loss or reduction of your coverage.

Your attorney can also help push back if your insurance company is refusing to pay medical expenses in a timely fashion. You shouldn't have to shoulder the burden of medical debt while the insurance companies battle over who is responsible to pay. You are obligated to carry motor vehicle insurance. Your insurer is obligated to uphold their policy as well. An attorney can help ensure the insurance company plays fair.

An attorney can help you deal with pushy insurance companies

Money is probably the last thing on your mind after an accident. It's also probably the first consideration for your insurance company. No matter how long you've used an insurer, you will need the advice and advocacy of an experienced personal injury attorney after a serious motor vehicle accident. Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf, protect you from lost coverage and even file a civil lawsuit if necessary.

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