#The realities of distracted driving

Distracted driving touches us more than we realize. When you're stopped at a stop light and check your phone for text messages, you're engaging in distracted driving. When you're talking on your phone or answering a call while your car is in motion, then you're engaging in distracted driving. The problem is, a significant number of drivers don't appreciate the risk related to these things until it's too late.

It's for that reason that April's designation as Distracted Driver's Awareness Month is significant and necessary.

There's an app for that too

Smartphone app developers are routinely creating distracted driving apps to help drivers stay off their phones while operating their vehicles. One of the biggest problems is drivers are not in control of their vehicles when texting, answering their phones or doing anything else while driving.

The greater concern is that many don't seem to care or just cannot resist picking up their phone when they hear the familiar "ding." So, developers are encouraging users to install these apps to eliminate the temptation altogether. Android users can search Google Play, and iPhone users can search the app store.

Distracted driver education

One of the many ways Distracted Awareness Month is beneficial is through the broadcasting of information not only to adults but teen drivers, as well. They're routinely taking "selfies," texting while driving, or engaging in other dangerous activities involving their phones while driving.

The need for distracted driver education, particularly in the schools through the presentation of school assemblies and the like, is critical. The goal of this education is to have fewer personal injuries caused by careless drivers, especially those ending in fatality for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

How personal injury attorneys help

When distracted drivers cause accidents, personal injury lawyers are there to offer assistance in many ways. There're so many questions, especially from the parents of teens who were involved in the accident, and they may not know where to turn. It's during these situations that working with an attorney in helping navigate through the legal process is essential.

It helps put your mind at ease regarding medical bills and other complicated court matters. On a personal level, it also helps answer other significant questions such as, "how did this happen?" These lawsuits even play a role in prompting the need for further awareness or policy change.

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