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Ways that commercial trucks create danger on the road

Most people who drive or ride on public roads understand that there's an element of risk. No matter how safely someone drives, there are weather issues and the potential for sudden vehicular issues.

As a result, most people engage in risk management on the road. They slow down when the weather is bad. They avoid driving late at night, when drunks may be on the road after last call. They even give extra space to commercial trucks on the road.

Your insurance company won't be looking out for you after a crash

You pay for motor vehicle insurance partially because it's the law and partly because you want protection in the event of a crash. Then, an accident happens, caused by another driver's negligence, mistake or even intoxication. You contact your insurance company, expecting that you won't really need to worry about anything once they're involved.

You've been a faithful customer for years. You pay your policy on time. Maybe you've had a minor claim or two in the past, or maybe this is the first time you've ever needed help from your insurance company. You may think your insurance company will look after you. They may make a settlement offer or pay your claim, but you need to know from the start that they are mostly interested in limiting their own financial liability to you after an accident.

Fall weather could increase your risk of a serious car crash

There are a lot of great things about Autumn. There's the annual influx of pumpkin spice products, if you enjoy that flavor. There's the crisp, cool air, which is so refreshing after a hot Ohio summer. There's the spooky fun of Halloween and preparation for the holiday season. There's also a major drawback to fall, because it can cause conditions that could result in a serious motor vehicle accident.

Most Ohio drivers understand the seasonal risks associated with winter driving and even the potential risks of the rainy weather in spring. For one reason or another, many people tend to overlook the potential for weather-related car crashes in the fall. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the risks can improve your chances of avoiding a collision.

Defensive driving tips for your teenager

All too soon you are going to watch as your daughter backs her car out of the driveway and zooms off to school ... without you there to make sure she is safe. While you are not looking forward to that day, you do know it will soon become a reality. Since time is running out, you should make every possible effort to teach your teenager how to drive safely and defensively.

While you cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road, you can help your child avoid most collisions by teaching her proper driving habits. For some defensive driving tips for new drivers, read below.

Who's responsible if a car hits you while you ride your bike?

Biking can be a lot of fun and a great way to exercise. Some people choose to bike back and forth to work to speed up their commute or reduce their carbon footprint. Others bike to keep their bodies and hearts healthy. Still others just enjoy a leisurely ride on the weekend. Whatever your motivation for getting on a bicycle, you should do your best to reduce your risk of accidents and injuries when you ride on public roads.

It only takes a second for someone driving a motor vehicle to injure you seriously. Because those on bikes are such small targets compared to those riding in motor vehicles — and because drivers are primarily looking out for other automobiles and not bikes or even motorcycles — it can be easy for distracted or negligent drivers to miss seeing you. Your bike cannot do much to protect you, which is why you should take care to wear adequate safety gear and follow safest procedures when on the road.

Paralysis from an accident can have a massive financial impact

When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle or ride in one, you know there's always some risk involved. If you were in a serious car accident that resulted in paralysis, you may just be grateful that you survived such a serious accident. Chances are that your entire focus is on healing as much as possible and working toward recovery.

Money shouldn't be your first concern, but it is something you should consider when deciding what to do. After all, medical costs associated with a back or spinal injury can quickly skyrocket. Chances are good, unless you have an office job, that your injury will also impact your ability to work. Depending on the situation that led to your paralysis, you should look into your various options for compensation.

Other drivers are often the biggest risk to motorcyclists

Whenever you choose to ride or operate a motor vehicle, you accept a certain level of risk. The potential danger increases when you're driving a motorcycle. That risk isn't because you are a bad driver. Often, the exact opposite is the truth. Other drivers can and do pose a serious risk to those who ride motorcycles for fun or for their commute during the summer. Despite efforts, like Motorcycle Awareness Month, to remind drivers to share the road, many people forget to check for motorcycles when driving on public roads and highways.

There's a popular stereotype about the worst drivers buying massive vehicles to protect themselves in case of a crash. When motorcycles collide with larger, enclosed vehicles, this often proves to be true. You were likely abiding by the rules of the road and being proactive about your own safety. The person in the massive SUV that hit you, however, could have been sending a text message or driving poorly because he or she wasn't worried about injuries as the result of a crash.

Settlements are not always in the victim's best interest

You've been in a serious car accident and sustained serious property damage and injuries. You are probably feeling grateful that you have a good insurance policy to protect you from financial losses. When they contact you offering a settlement, you may feel tempted to immediately take it. You've got medical bills. Your car or bike may be in desperate need of replacement or extensive repairs.

The worse your injuries, the greater the chance that you're missing work as well. That settlement check can seem like an answer to all your problems. You may feel grateful that an offer was made so soon.

Follow these tips to stay safe on your next run

When you get up for that morning run you may mentally plot out your route, take the time to stretch, grab your water bottle and sneak out the door without waking up your wife. You probably focus more on performance and time than you do on staying safe. Your neighborhood is fairly quiet, so you do not consider your routine run to be especially dangerous. However, it is important to remember that accidents happen every day and usually when we least expect them.

Whether you are running in the city of Columbus or the suburbs, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe and decrease your chances of becoming the victim of a negligent driver. Read further for tips to protect yourself while running outside.

Accident claim denied? You can fight back

While on your way to work, you decided to stop at the gas station to fill up your tank and grab a coffee. As you approached the gas station, you glanced in your rearview mirror and noticed the driver behind you was following rather closely. You do not want to be involved in a collision, so you immediately flip your right turn signal and begin slowing down so that the other driver has plenty of time to realize you were about to turn.

Unfortunately, your actions were not enough. As you made the right turn, you suddenly feel an impact on your passenger side. Apparently, the other driver had disregarded your turn signal and decided it would be a good idea to try to pass you on the right.

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