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Proving "bad faith" after an insurance denial

It's only human nature to expect the best of people. But car accidents and insurance companies ironically tend to clash. We all hope the process will go smooth. Unfortunately, oftentimes, it does not.

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents can all result in personal injury claims. Filing the claim is stressful enough. Your insurance company denies your claim or offers you something that is unreasonably low. You have been a loyal customer and don't understand what went wrong.

So, what constitutes "bad faith" in Ohio?

Dog bites can leave you with serious, lasting injuries

People refer to dogs as "man's best friend," which is true of many dogs kept as pets, service animals or companions. However, some dogs have a history of abuse or neglect by humans which can make them dangerous to people. Others may actually have been trained to become aggressive "attack" or guard dogs. The truth is that you can't really know the temperament of any animal with which you don't live and know the complete history of, even if they seem nice.

It only takes a second for a seemingly-friendly animal to snap and attack you or your child. Depending on the size of the animal and the severity of the attack, the injuries that result from dog bites could have long-term consequences and cause permanent damage.

Motorcyclists face big risks on the open road in Ohio

As the weather turns from cool to warm and sunny, more people take to the roads on two-wheel transportation. Both bicycles and motorcycles tend to head out when spring starts blurring into the heat of summer. It's a lovely time to feel the wind rush by and enjoy the seasonal beauty. However, it can also increase your risk of getting hurt while you're on the road.

Every year, dozens of motorcycle crashes kill people in Ohio. Hundreds more result in serious injuries to drivers and passengers on motorcycles. After spiking up to 200 in 2016, motorcycle deaths in Ohio dropped to 157 in 2017. Overall, though, they seem to be on the rise. Those who enjoy motorcycles should take great care when heading out to hit the road.

Are you ready to safely enjoy summer motorcycle season?

Warmer weather has finally arrived to Ohio, which means that motorcycles are back on the streets. For those who enjoy this popular two-wheeled form of transportation, spring and summer weather is excitedly anticipated throughout the dreary Midwest winters. The enthusiasm and excitement for that first ride could leave you willing to overlook several important factors when getting on your bike.

Whenever you head out for the ride, the first and most important goal should always be to return home safely at the end. Sadly, while Ohio has one of the highest number of motorcyclists, not all of them will make it through the summer season without injury. There are some steps you can take to keep yourself safe as you head out for a ride on your bike.

How insurance companies determine fault after a car accident

Proving fault in an accident stems back to identifying the negligent party to determine who pays for damages. In Ohio, the at-fault driver's insurance company pays for the victim's expenses resulting from the accident.

Even a relatively minor accident can lead to significant expenses. Economic expenses include medical bills, lost wages and vehicle repair or replacement, which are easy to prove with invoices and pay records. Accident victims may also collect non-economic damages for pain, suffering and emotional distress.

Ways that commercial trucks create danger on the road

Most people who drive or ride on public roads understand that there's an element of risk. No matter how safely someone drives, there are weather issues and the potential for sudden vehicular issues.

As a result, most people engage in risk management on the road. They slow down when the weather is bad. They avoid driving late at night, when drunks may be on the road after last call. They even give extra space to commercial trucks on the road.

Your insurance company won't be looking out for you after a crash

You pay for motor vehicle insurance partially because it's the law and partly because you want protection in the event of a crash. Then, an accident happens, caused by another driver's negligence, mistake or even intoxication. You contact your insurance company, expecting that you won't really need to worry about anything once they're involved.

You've been a faithful customer for years. You pay your policy on time. Maybe you've had a minor claim or two in the past, or maybe this is the first time you've ever needed help from your insurance company. You may think your insurance company will look after you. They may make a settlement offer or pay your claim, but you need to know from the start that they are mostly interested in limiting their own financial liability to you after an accident.

Fall weather could increase your risk of a serious car crash

There are a lot of great things about Autumn. There's the annual influx of pumpkin spice products, if you enjoy that flavor. There's the crisp, cool air, which is so refreshing after a hot Ohio summer. There's the spooky fun of Halloween and preparation for the holiday season. There's also a major drawback to fall, because it can cause conditions that could result in a serious motor vehicle accident.

Most Ohio drivers understand the seasonal risks associated with winter driving and even the potential risks of the rainy weather in spring. For one reason or another, many people tend to overlook the potential for weather-related car crashes in the fall. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the risks can improve your chances of avoiding a collision.

Defensive driving tips for your teenager

All too soon you are going to watch as your daughter backs her car out of the driveway and zooms off to school ... without you there to make sure she is safe. While you are not looking forward to that day, you do know it will soon become a reality. Since time is running out, you should make every possible effort to teach your teenager how to drive safely and defensively.

While you cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road, you can help your child avoid most collisions by teaching her proper driving habits. For some defensive driving tips for new drivers, read below.

Who's responsible if a car hits you while you ride your bike?

Biking can be a lot of fun and a great way to exercise. Some people choose to bike back and forth to work to speed up their commute or reduce their carbon footprint. Others bike to keep their bodies and hearts healthy. Still others just enjoy a leisurely ride on the weekend. Whatever your motivation for getting on a bicycle, you should do your best to reduce your risk of accidents and injuries when you ride on public roads.

It only takes a second for someone driving a motor vehicle to injure you seriously. Because those on bikes are such small targets compared to those riding in motor vehicles — and because drivers are primarily looking out for other automobiles and not bikes or even motorcycles — it can be easy for distracted or negligent drivers to miss seeing you. Your bike cannot do much to protect you, which is why you should take care to wear adequate safety gear and follow safest procedures when on the road.

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