Compensation For Catastrophic Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can change your life in an instant. Though there are exceptions, the prognosis for returning to full functionality from these cases is poor. You and your loved ones may have to brace for a life without full mobility, for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation, and for the likelihood of never working again.

Experienced Representation For Victims Of Negligence

At The Keating Firm LTD., we represent people in the Columbus area who have suffered severe spinal cord injuries in motor vehicle accidents. We work with forensic accountants and medical experts to place a dollar value on the costs of your life. Because the prospects for recovery are so bleak, we pursue maximum financial damages from the negligent party — a lifetime of financial compensation.

Seeking Every Dollar You Deserve

These cases require careful documentation of the extent of damage done. We calculate every dollar you will need to live as complete a life as possible — every doctor's appointment, every missed paycheck, plus financial compensation for the misery this injury will cause you.

If you have suffered such an injury, and our lawyers can prove that the negligence of another party played a part in it, you may be compensated at a very high level.

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