The Most Infuriating Injury: Drunk Driving

Being hit by a drunk driver is one of the most infuriating ways to be injured. You are out on our roads and streets trying to get somewhere. Suddenly a car whose driver is drunk or stoned loses control and smashes into you. Your injuries may be life-changing. Almost without exception, the drunk is unhurt.

Drunk driving accident claims are good to take to trial, and you know why — because juries are sympathetic to victims of drivers who blatantly misbehaved and caused serious motor vehicle accidents. These drivers can be drunk, or high, or driving 20 mph above the posted limit. They may be driving irresponsibly, paying more attention to what's happening inside the car than to the people they share the road with.

Serving Drunk Driving Victims In Columbus

Juries often award punitive damages on top of conventional compensation. These damages can be double or triple the claim. Juries want to send a message to the community that recklessness with the safety of others is unacceptable.

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