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Paralysis from an accident can have a massive financial impact

When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle or ride in one, you know there's always some risk involved. If you were in a serious car accident that resulted in paralysis, you may just be grateful that you survived such a serious accident. Chances are that your entire focus is on healing as much as possible and working toward recovery.

Money shouldn't be your first concern, but it is something you should consider when deciding what to do. After all, medical costs associated with a back or spinal injury can quickly skyrocket. Chances are good, unless you have an office job, that your injury will also impact your ability to work. Depending on the situation that led to your paralysis, you should look into your various options for compensation.

Other drivers are often the biggest risk to motorcyclists

Whenever you choose to ride or operate a motor vehicle, you accept a certain level of risk. The potential danger increases when you're driving a motorcycle. That risk isn't because you are a bad driver. Often, the exact opposite is the truth. Other drivers can and do pose a serious risk to those who ride motorcycles for fun or for their commute during the summer. Despite efforts, like Motorcycle Awareness Month, to remind drivers to share the road, many people forget to check for motorcycles when driving on public roads and highways.

There's a popular stereotype about the worst drivers buying massive vehicles to protect themselves in case of a crash. When motorcycles collide with larger, enclosed vehicles, this often proves to be true. You were likely abiding by the rules of the road and being proactive about your own safety. The person in the massive SUV that hit you, however, could have been sending a text message or driving poorly because he or she wasn't worried about injuries as the result of a crash.

Settlements are not always in the victim's best interest

You've been in a serious car accident and sustained serious property damage and injuries. You are probably feeling grateful that you have a good insurance policy to protect you from financial losses. When they contact you offering a settlement, you may feel tempted to immediately take it. You've got medical bills. Your car or bike may be in desperate need of replacement or extensive repairs.

The worse your injuries, the greater the chance that you're missing work as well. That settlement check can seem like an answer to all your problems. You may feel grateful that an offer was made so soon.

Follow these tips to stay safe on your next run

When you get up for that morning run you may mentally plot out your route, take the time to stretch, grab your water bottle and sneak out the door without waking up your wife. You probably focus more on performance and time than you do on staying safe. Your neighborhood is fairly quiet, so you do not consider your routine run to be especially dangerous. However, it is important to remember that accidents happen every day and usually when we least expect them.

Whether you are running in the city of Columbus or the suburbs, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe and decrease your chances of becoming the victim of a negligent driver. Read further for tips to protect yourself while running outside.

Accident claim denied? You can fight back

While on your way to work, you decided to stop at the gas station to fill up your tank and grab a coffee. As you approached the gas station, you glanced in your rearview mirror and noticed the driver behind you was following rather closely. You do not want to be involved in a collision, so you immediately flip your right turn signal and begin slowing down so that the other driver has plenty of time to realize you were about to turn.

Unfortunately, your actions were not enough. As you made the right turn, you suddenly feel an impact on your passenger side. Apparently, the other driver had disregarded your turn signal and decided it would be a good idea to try to pass you on the right.

You may experience delayed pain after a car accident

After any kind of car accident, your body may take time to express pain. Unfortunately, delayed pain can indicate very serious injuries, so you should not put off seeking out professional medical care.

Depending on the type of pain you feel and the area of your body where it originates, you may have several kinds of injuries. If left untreated, these could develop into very serious issues, some of which can even turn fatal.

Brain injuries are common after motor vehicle crashes

Whenever you drive or ride on a motor vehicle, you're taking a minor risk that you could be in an accident. After all, traffic accidents happen every day in Ohio. Sometimes, people walk away from crashes unscathed. Others may experiencing bruising, cuts, broken bones, spinal injuries or even worse.

Brain injuries are also a relatively common injury associated with car crashes. If you lost consciousness, even for a few seconds, you should seek medical care immediately after the accident. Doctors can look at your injuries and determine if you need further testing or observation.

Injured in a car accident? Be sure to get witness statements

A car accident can happen when you least expect it. For example, imagine driving along on your daily commute to the office. You take the same route every day, stop at the same café for a latte, and you even park in the same spot in the employee parking lot. Usually, your commute is uneventful other than the occasional squirrel running into the road, that is, until that one day when it is not. You were involved in a car accident in an intersection. The other driver ran a stop sign and T-boned you on the passenger side.

You know what to do after a car accident. You assess your injuries, and if possible, you check on the other driver. You go through all the steps in your head: Call the police, get the other driver's insurance information, and call your insurance company. You feel like you missed something, but it is hard to put your finger on it with the post-accident adrenaline rush.

How an attorney helps with insurance issues after a car crash

You've been faithfully paying your motor vehicle insurance premium for years, maybe even decades. When you experience a serious accident and injuries as a result, you expect that your insurance provider will cover the injuries. It's important to remember, however, that insurance companies want to limit the financial impact of an accident by reducing their liability. This financial incentive can result in denied claims, months of delay and hassle or even ridiculously low settlement offers.

An Ohio attorney with experience in personal injury cases can help you work with the insurance company. Your attorney can review settlement offers to determine if they are too low, given the nature and extent of your injuries. Your attorney can negotiate for a better settlement or explore other options for compensation, such as a civil suit against the other driver.

Avoid jeopardizing your rights after a car accident

Sooner or later, most Americans will be involved in a car accident of some kind. Whether a serious multicar crash or a low-speed fender-bender, a collision can have a widespread impact on your life. Your health and well-being are of utmost importance, of course. Yet your finances may also be on the line. Injuries are costly, and you could end up missing work.

From the first moments after a crash, it's important to avoid jeopardizing your rights. Protect yourself by following these seven tips.

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